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A-G requirements

A-G Requirements in a College Going Environment
At Golden Valley High School, there is a culture and environment focused on preparing students for college and or university life. Part of that culture involves ensuring that students have met there A-G requirements. The A-G / College Entrance Requirements are a sequence of high school courses that students must complete (with a grade of C or better) to be minimally eligible for admission to the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU). They represent the basic level of academic preparation that high school students should achieve to undertake university work and include the following: (A) History/Social Science (B) English (C) Mathematics (D) Laboratory Science (E) Language Other Than English (F) Visual and Performing Arts (G) College Preparatory English. 
1 A large A-G Banner is posted in the Golden Valley Library to remind students of the requirements for a UC or CSU.
Teachers have committed to promoting the A-G in their classrooms by posting their subject's letter for students to see. The library and other places on campus have larger banners posted with all requirements. At academic assemblies, students who pass their A-G courses with at least a "C" receive a lanyard and a pin for every course completed. By the end of their senior year, students can collect 15 different pins if they pass their respective A-G course and where their lanyard at graduation. 
3Sample A-G lanyard with some pins. The goal is for students to have 15.
When students attain academic success and meet their A-G requirements, we feel that they are ready to meet the challenges of university and college life and as a staff we promote and celebrate those successes. 
Nayeli Camacho (Class of 2019) was the valedictorian, accepted to USC, and excelled in her A-G courses at GVHS.