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#BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight 2020-2021 » Lisette Osuna, September 18, 2020

Lisette Osuna, September 18, 2020


Student: Lisette Osuna 

Year in School: Senior

Plans After High School: Lisette wants to attend a college or university in order to become a physical therapist. 


What Makes Lisette #BulldogSTRONG: Energetic. Hard working. Confident. Team player. PRIDE. These are among the many attributes of a successful cheerleader and for Golden Valley High School Senior, Lisette Osuna, she embodies each one of those characteristics. Cheer has been a part of Lisette’s life for much of her life as she participated at Kendrick Elementary School and Ollivier Middle School in the Greenfield Union School District. As a freshman, Lisette decided not to cheer, and in that year-long absence, Lisette missed the sport that she grew up loving. “This year (school closure) reminds me a lot of my freshman year,” comments Lisette, “What I miss today and during my freshman year about cheer are the daily interactions that I have with my friends, whether it is a practice or on Friday Nights under the lights of a football game.” For Lisette, she enjoys cheering at Golden Valley because of the PRIDE through this PRIDE in being a Bulldog,  she is able to display a confident smile and enthusiasm in front of her peers and the people of the Greenfield community. “From performing at the rallies and at football games,” states Lisette, “The ability to cheer in front of all my friends and all students has provided me confidence and many memories that I will always cherish.” Because of the positive impact that cheerleading has had on her experience at Golden Valley, Lisette encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and participate in cheer, “Being part of cheer at GV allows you to meet incredible, positive, and #BulldogSTRONG people that seek to create memories for others.” 



Lisette Osuna (2nd to Left) loves being a cheerleader at Golden Valley High School and her enthusiasm was felt last year when the Bulldogs defeated the Rebels in football.


Beyond her commitment to cheer, Lisette has immersed herself into other areas that are vital to the positive culture that has been established at Golden Valley. In the Spring, Lisette ran for the ASB Office of Treasurer and although she did not win, she spoke with Activities Director, Valerie Black, about continuing to serve in student leadership and through her positive spirit, she was allowed to join. Lisette’s ability to overcome this obstacle and focus on the SERVICE of others has allowed her to make a positive impact in a virtual world. “My goal as a student leader at GV is to make sure that students have as many memorable experiences in high school as possible,” optimistically states Lisette, “I really want students to feel connected and to show school PRIDE, even during the difficulties of distance learning.” Lisette’s positive attitude and PRIDE in being a Bulldog has followed her in her involvement in Future Farmers of America (FFA) as she quickly emerged as a leader. When the Kern High Network created a video story on the FFA’s Floral Design career pathway, Lisette was interviewed and her positivity demonstrated the excitement students at Golden Valley have in being part of the program. For the PRIDE she has in being a cheerleader and student at Golden Valley High School and in her commitment to SERVICE by creating lasting memories for other students, Lisette Osuna is #BulldogSTRONG.



Lisette Osuna was featured in the Kern High Network's video on the GVHS Floral Design program. Her positivity and optimism represent what it means to be #BulldogSTRONG


What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Lisette: "#BulldogSTRONG means to always show GROWTH, PRIDE, and SERVICE in all that you do. Some of the important expectations to me are treating others with kindness and respect, being welcoming to others, and just always being willing to help others. Being #BulldogSTRONG is a lifestyle, not just something we do at school.”


What Teachers and Staff Think of Lisette: 

"Lisette Osuna is a returning Varsity cheerleader for Golden Valley. As her coach, I've seen her grow through the years to be a person I hope the younger ones can look up to! She never settles and is always asking what she can do to be better and improve! She never gives up and strives to be her best self everyday and for that, it makes her more than #BulldogSTRONG!.” Brianna Waters, Cheer Coach, Golden Valley High School


“Lisette is new to the leadership program, but in just a few short weeks I can tell that she is a born leader. She speaks up during activity planning, was the first student to create a video that was shared on our healthy recipes link in our virtual activities office, and I can feel and see her enthusiasm and energy for student leadership even in our virtual world.” Valerie Black, Activities Director and Cheer Advisor, Golden Valley High School


"Lisette was a #BulldogSTRONG student from the first day of class.  She stood out as a smart young lady who would always take the initiative to make sure she did quality work in class.  She was always willing to help whether it was cleaning up the floral lab, or assisting other students when they had difficulties with their Floral Projects.  She is a friend to all, and helped create a positive classroom atmosphere.  I think her attitude inspired others to do good things which I really appreciated.  She is destined to do great things in life because she has the brains and social skills that are so important for success."  Katie Nieblas, Floral Design Teacher and FFA Club Advisor, Golden Valley High School


“Lisette was a pleasure to have in Spanish class.  It seemed that every time she arrived to class, she had a contagious smile that would light up the class.  I loved and applauded the way she interacted in class. Her cheerleading skills were noticeable.  If she ever had a question, she made herself very clear and made sure she understood the answer .  On many occasions, she asked for clarity knowing that other classmates would benefit from the explanations.  Her personality fits her well, cheery, positive and always trying to help others that lack positivity. She made it clear to me and her classmates that she is proud to be a Golden Valley Bulldog.  Lisette Osuna is a clear example of Growth, Pride and Service. ” Eva Perez, Spanish Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Lisette was the class captain in one of my chemistry classes. As a class captain, she helped to maintain discipline in the class and readily assisted any student who needed help. She was very eager to learn new things and was one of the top students. She was very respectful.” Okon Udo, Chemistry Teacher, Golden Valley High School