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#BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight 2020-2021 » Jacob Gonzales, October 23, 2020

Jacob Gonzales, October 23, 2020


Student: Jacob Gonzales 

Year in School: Senior

Plans After High School: Jacob wants to attend Bakersfield College for two years and then go to a university to become a social worker. 


What Makes Jacob #BulldogSTRONG: It was once stated, “Kindness is the best nourishment for humanity,” and in looking at the Golden Valley High School #BulldogSTRONG The Map to Success Behavior Matrix, students are expected and encouraged to treat everyone they meet with kindness. Perhaps no one at Golden Valley exemplifies kindness quite like Bulldog Senior, Jacob Gonzales. Driven by his religious convictions, kindness is essential to Jacob in his daily interaction with his peers and staff members. “It’s important to show kindness because it shows people that you have a kind heart,” states Jacob, “Plus showing kindness makes you feel happy and whoever you show kindness too is happy as well.” The kindness is evident in his interactions with his teachers as it is reciprocated back to him. He appreciates that the staff at Golden Valley High School have been in his words, “nothing but good, faithful, and honest with him” throughout his years as a Bulldog. He credits Mrs. Jennifer Webb and Mrs. Madison Bealessio as two teachers that demonstrated the essence of kindness towards him as they both positively influenced him with confidence and direction in his life.  “Both Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Bealessio believe in me and because of their faith in me, I have the utmost trust in my abilities and what I can accomplish,” graciously comments Jacob. 


Treating others with kindness is essential to Jacob Gonzales and why he is #BulldogSTRONG.


In his time at Golden Valley High School, Jacob has enjoyed his English classes because he thoroughly enjoys reading. Among his favorite books are the Goblin Slayer Light Novels by Kumo Kagyu following the manga/adventure genre. Additionally, Jacob enjoys the horror novels of Stephen King, in particular the classics like It and The Shining. Beyond burying his face in a good book, Jacob enjoys spending time with his two younger brothers, Joshua and Jonathan, whether it’s playing video games or just talking with them. After his time at Golden Valley High School, Jacob wants to attend Bakersfield College and eventually a university with a concerted focus on becoming a social worker because he wants to help students and families overcome obstacles that are in their life. He wants to help them through kindness and love. “I’m a kind hearted person that wants to help people,” states Jacob, “I thank God for the people he has put in my life that have guided me throughout high school and have encouraged me to think about a career like social work.” For his love of reading, but more importantly, for the genuine and authentic kindness he demonstrates towards staff and students, Jacob Gonzales is #BulldogSTRONG and is nourishment for GVHS.


What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Jacob: "I believe that showing kindness to teachers and students as well as completing work in a timely manner, in my opinion, is what it means to be #BulldogSTRONG.”


What Teachers and Staff Think of Jacob: 

“I love this student.  Always has a smile, and I miss him popping into my class to say hello.  I admire his initiative and great attitude.  He is a great young man.  Glad he is in this world.  We need more men like Jacob.” Jan Quiram, Learning Center Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Jacob was often the first student to walk into class during 4th period. His enthusiastic greeting and inquiry as to how my day was going always lifted my spirit. During class, he would work diligently to complete his assignments on time. He was, without a doubt, one of my highest achieving students. It was an honor to have met him.” Ikleel Moshref, Science Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Jacob is a respectful and caring young man who wants to be successful and happy in life. He is honest about what his strengths and areas of need are so he can make a plan to overcome anything to reach his goals. When he graduates high school, his positive demeanor, kind heart, and desire to succeed will allow him to build a successful and happy life while helping others to become better people just for knowing him. He is a great role model for his classmates and teachers because he embodies excellence, drive, and cares about others with his genuine personality.” Brandon N Taylor, Learning Center Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Students like Jacob are the reason why people choose the teaching profession.  Jacob is the epitome of #bulldogSTRONG. I have watched him show tremendous GROWTH over the past four years at Golden Valley by overcoming obstacles and  committing to his education. He never fails to show  PRIDE by being respectful and a positive role model for both students and staff. He is in SERVICE to everyone who has the privilege of coming into contact with him and he has truly been one of the highlights in my career.” Jennifer Webb, Dean of Instruction and Administration, Golden Valley High School 


“Jacob is an amazing young man who works tirelessly to improve. He is kind and never lets setbacks bring him down, instead sees it as an opportunity to improve.” Cory Miller, Math Teacher, Centennial High School (Former Teacher at Golden Valley High School)


“You ever step outside on a late October afternoon and feel that cool breeze hit you for the first time in months?  That smile you get on your face is the feeling I get when Jacob Gonzalez comes into the classroom.  He is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. What an amazing and thoughtful young man that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last few years. Jacob is a young man who gets along with everyone and has a mellow coolness to him that is infectious.  He keeps a positive disposition, even when challenged by things during the school year.  He is a very good person and exhibits the PRIDE of being a Bulldog.  I am proud of Jacob, and I know he will do well in all that he sets his mind to.” Darren Buckey, Learning Center Teacher, Golden Valley High School