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#BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight 2020-2021 » Amber Arevalo, December 18, 2020

Amber Arevalo, December 18, 2020


Student: Amber Arevalo 

Year in School: Senior

Plans After High School: Amber’s plans after high school are to attend a four year university to study Agriculture Science to become a High School Agriculture Teacher in order to teach and be an advisor for a FFA program.


What Makes Amber #BulldogSTRONG: During the holidays, many people take the time to reflect on the past year and express gratitude for what they are thankful for. One of the most common entities that people are thankful for is family. For Golden Valley High School Senior and Future Farmers of America (FFA) President, Amber Arevalo, the notion of family is foundational to her effectiveness as a student leader on campus. For most of her life, Amber has been raised and shown the intricacies of the farm lifestyle of which primarily involves developing animals. Everyday, part of Amber’s daily chores involve working with a myriad of animals including chickens, roosters, and lambs that are nurtured and weaned on her family farm. Because of the love of animals and farming lifestyle that was developed on her own farm, Amber became a participant at the Kern County Fair where she has experienced the inner workings of showing animals in front of a large audience and preparing them for market; at the fair, Amber has shown market lambs. “The Kern County Fair is an awesome experience,” comments Amber, “Working with livestock whether it’s with pigs, goats, lambs, or cattle is interesting and enjoyable for me.” 



FFA President Amber Arevalo competes at the Kern County Fair by showing market lambs.


Upon entering high school, Amber was able to capitalize on her passion for farming and animals through participation in GVHS’s FFA Chapter. “I love working with my family on our farm,” explains Amber, “However, when I got to high school, I wanted to share those experiences that I have with my family with different people that are my age and also make new friends along the way.” In her four years as a Bulldog and member of FFA, Amber has not only met friends that share her enthusiasm for farming and agriculture, she has also developed into a formidable leader as evident in the various positions she has been elected to by other members of the GVHS Chapter of FFA. As a Sophomore, Amber served as the Green Hand Reporter where she captured photographs and focused her efforts on promoting FFA. As a Junior, Amber was selected as the Chapter Sentinel where she organized and facilitated meetings according to the traditions of FFA. “While serving as an FFA Officer,” comments Amber, “I have learned that I am capable of accomplishing more than I ever thought I could.” This year, as a Senior, Amber was elected to serve as President, a position she hopes will help her make a larger impact for FFA at GVHS. “This year I hope that I can encourage more student participation in our FFA program,” envisions Amber, “Even though we are doing a lot of activities virtually, I hope we can make the most of this year with good memories and increased participation.” Though most meetings are over Zoom, Amber and other members of have not forgotten one of the key elements of FFA (and of being #BulldogSTRONG) which is commitment to community service as they will be delivering hams to families facing food deprivation at the Blessing Corner. For Amber, FFA has allowed her to grow as a person. “FFA has not only increased my knowledge about agriculture and livestock,” graciously states Amber, “It has helped me to become a better leader, gain confidence in public speaking, serve others, and provide me with a platform to speak my mind.”  For the passion that she has for agriculture, livestock, and in the SERVICE of her peers and community as President of the FFA Chapter at GVHS, Amber Arevalo is #BulldogSTRONG.  



Throughout her four years at Golden Valley High School, Amber Arevalo has been an ideal member of FFA and has SERVED in various leadership programs.


What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Amber: “#BulldogSTRONG means to be a good leader in school, home, and in your community. It also means to always set a good example no matter where you are or what you are doing. Being #BulldogSTRONG means that we demonstrate GPS (GROWTH, PRIDE, and SERVICE) in all situations.” 


What Teachers and Staff Think of Amber: 

"Amber is a great leader for our GV FFA as our 2020/2021 Chapter President.  Amber never hesitates to take the initiative as she is the first to step up to read her answers in class and the first to help out when needed.  Throughout the 3 years I have known Amber, she has always been very involved in FFA contests, conferences, and fundraisers.  She is outgoing and a fun student to be around, always encouraging other students to join in on the FFA Fun!  I admire her ambition to help our Chapter grow and become the best it can be. ” Cassandra Soberano, Agriculture Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Amber has been very involved in the Agriculture Program at Golden Valley since she was a freshman.  She has served as an officer each year and this year, serves as our Chapter President.  She is a great student leader and always responsible when it comes to planning our Chapter Activities.  She has also done a great job raising and showing a market lamb at the 2019 Kern County Fair.   I'm so thankful we have Amber in our program as she is always my "right-hand man(woman)" who helps keep us organized and focused on getting the job done.” Katy Nieblas, Agriculture Teacher, Golden Valley High School


"Amber has been involved in FFA leadership since her freshman year and has strived to become GVHS FFA President. It finally happened for her Senior year and what a year it has been. Amber’s leadership skills have been outstanding and she has given 100% to making this year a successful year for GVHS FFA. Although Ambers is a great leader, what has really impressed me over the past three years is the compassion she shows towards other students.  Amber is always positive and treats others with kindness and she is always the first in the class to welcome a new student, invite them to eat lunch with her and to get involved in the FFA. Amber is Bulldog Strong!!"  Brian Watts, Agriculture Teacher and CTE Department Head, Golden Valley High School


“Amber is a cheerful and positive student. She is always ready to participate and takes her academic responsibilities seriously. Her classmates look to her for leadership and her teachers know that in her, they have a courteous and dedicated student. ” Gabriel Flores, Spanish Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Amber is a sweet student with a HUGE knowledge and passion for animals.  She is my go-to person when it comes to questions I have about that.  I had Amber in class last year and am happy to have her moving forward with me this year.” Sheryl Cleveland, Math Department Head, Golden Valley High School