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#BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight 2020-2021 » Javier Williams, January 22, 2021

Javier Williams, January 22, 2021

Javier Williams


Student: Javier Williams 

Year in School: Senior

Plans After High School: Javier plans to attend college to get his degree in Radiologic Technology in order to become a X-Ray or MRI technician.  


What Makes Javier #BulldogSTRONG: For most of his life, Golden Valley High School Senior Javier Williams has been very active in a wide variety of activities and athletics. Whether it’s taking to online gaming , listening to music, fishing with friends, or volunteering to help at youth activities, Javier keeps an open mind, tries new things, and tries to improve himself. At GVHS, Javier’s open mindedness extended to the gridiron as he was on the Frosh Soph football team as a sophomore. As one of the older students on the team, Javier exemplified and modeled leadership to younger classmates as he frequently helped provide thirsty teammates with water and many times, he would stay after practice to ensure that all the equipment was stored in its proper location. “I try to be a good person on the field, at school, and at home,” humbly states Javier.



Javier Williams #78 (Center with gray sweats) was leader for the younger athletes on the Frosh Soph Football Team.


One activity in which Javier has excelled outside of GVHS is taekwondo in which he holds a junior black belt. For those that may not know what it is,  a simple Google search defines taekwondo as a Korean martial art, characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. For Javier and his unique skill set, as a result of his black belt, he is able to demonstrate a wide array of kicks which have earned the respect and astonishment of his classmates as well as the most famous nickname at GVHS, “Tornado” in reference to his impressive ability to perform a multitude of jumping roundhouse kicks in one setting. On September 21, 2018, Javier “Tornado”’s kicks were on full display at the GVHS Lip Sync Battle as he rattled off a flurry of roundhouse kicks as the beat dropped to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” “That show was fantastic and ​I felt great,” proudly states Javier, “I felt like I was the star of the show as I was able to let some of my imagination out to the world.”   



In the 2018 GVHS Lip Sync Battle, Javier "Tornado" Williams showed off his taekwondo kicks to Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling."


However, Javier’s lasting impact at GVHS is not only defined by his ability to provide kicks that might only be seen in a Bruce Lee movie, but also as a dedicated and loyal teammate in the Bulldog Wrestling program. As a freshman, Javier was convinced by his mentor, PE teacher, and long time GVHS Wrestling Coach, Joe Rojas to join the wrestling team and his decision would become one of the best choices he has made at GVHS because it has allowed him to show tremendous GROWTH on and off the mat. Additionally, Javier has learned the values of PRIDE, teamwork, responsibility, sportsmanship, and commitment as a Bulldog Wrestler. “My teammates on the wrestling team have turned into brothers and sisters for me,” graciously states Javier, “I know they have my back and I have theirs.” Like he displayed in Frosh Soph football, Javier commits to doing the little things to help his teammates and the program succeed such as maintaining good grades and working hard behind the scenes. For example, Javier shows up to the wrestling room every day, giving 100% effort in the exhausting and grueling practices that wrestlers face without ever complaining. Before home matches, Javier plays an integral part in leading his teammates in setting the mats on the gym floor as he meticulously ensures that the mat tape is straight and securely on the mat. Perhaps Javier’s most memorable act as a wrestler at GVHS did not come on the mat, but in a pre-match homage to a student on the opposing team. In January of 2020, in a non league duel against Shafter High School, Javier, Coach Rojas and some of the other GVHS wrestlers and coaches decided to shave their heads out of respect for Shafter junior wrestler, Nick Garza, who was battling leukemia. In the decision to shave his head, Javier was acting out of his deep commitment to SERVE others. “I shaved my head because I wanted to support a fellow wrestler,” humbly states Javier, “The goal of my teammates, coaches, and I was to help provide Nick with some courage during that difficult point in his life.” Golden Valley High School Head Wrestling Coach, Spencer Hill, who was the Head Coach at Shafter last year recalls Javier’s benevolent gesture, “I did not know Javier before last year, but his actions revealed his true character and his willingness to help others. As Nick's former coach, I can genuinely say that Javier's actions helped raise Nick's spirits during the toughest time of his life and helped him persevere in his battle with cancer.” For the tremendous GROWTH he has shown at GVHS, the PRIDE he has in being a Bulldog wrestler, and in his commitment to the selfless SERVICE of his teammates, Javier Williams is #BulldogSTRONG.  



As an act of sportsmanship, Javier Williams shaved his head to show his support for Nick Garza of Shafter High School who was battling cancer.


What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Javier: "#BulldogSTRONG means being a good person whether at school or at home. #BulldogSTRONG also means overcoming obstacles and frustrations that come our way in a positive way. ​I have learned that if you lose your composure everything will become difficult to deal with.”


What Teachers and Staff Think of Javier: 

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Javier since his Freshman year.  During the past four years I have watched Javier grow from a shy student who was hesitant to try new things to a student who has joined the wrestling and football teams as well as being the star of the GVHS Lip Sync Battle. His growth and determination are what makes Javier #BulldogSTRONG.” Joe Rojas, Physical Education Teacher and Wrestling Coach, Golden Valley High School


"I am very pleased to see that Javier has been selected for the #BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight. Javier has grown so much since his time as a freshman! He has always been a bright young man, who does a great job on his classwork, but needed some guidance in his interactions with his peers and over the past few years, he has become very pleasant to his teachers and fellow classmates. He has grown into an independent young man who always has a lot to add to class discussions - I really miss seeing Javy in person this year, as he always has something interesting to say and always brightens my day.  Congrats, Javy! I am so proud of you!. ” Darren Buckey, Learning Center Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“I have seen so much personal growth in Javier from his freshman year until now.  He has overcome many obstacles and challenges with grace and humor.  It warms my heart to see how talented and confident he has become.  More importantly, Javier shows service by acting as a champion for others when they are faced with their own obstacles and challenges. I am proud of Javier. He truly is the epitome of #BulldogSTRONG!!” Jill Halling, Program Specialist, Golden Valley High School


“Javier is an amazing young man who has a refreshingly straightforward way of viewing the world. He's not only motivated about his education; he values that education and the people who are providing it. Javier has shown a lot of growth in the way he handles challenging situations. I've really enjoyed watching him mature and grow into a respectful young man and I know he has a great future ahead of him.” Tara Haskell, Secretary, Golden Valley High School


“Javier is a fantastic young man. I have only had him this year and our interaction is only through Zoom. Every interaction I have had with him has been positive. He is always on time and will say hello when he enters the zoom meeting. He is very polite and respectful. I can always count on him to do his work and earn an excellent grade on each assignment. I wish we could be on campus working in my shop. Javier is one of those students that make me extra sad we are not. He would be excelling in my woodshop and I know he would have constructed some great projects.John Haskell, Woodshop Teacher, Golden Valley High School 


“Do you know what you’ll find if you look up #BulldogSTRONG in the Dictionary? Hint: Starts with JAVIER, Ends with WILLIAMS! Javier has attained a tremendous amount of  GROWTH by continuing to evolve and accomplish his goals as a young man. Javier faces his challenges head on and continuously breaks down barriers by always applying 100% effort. Everyone who knows Javier knows he is a passionate young man beaming with #BulldogSTRONG PRIDE. From volunteering to help others to shaving his head in support of a fellow wrestler, Javier is always willing to provide selfless SERVICE, putting others before himself. Over the last 4 years, Javier’s inclination to learn and dedication to academics has served as a motivator for his peers and staff at Golden Valley High School. Our department is exceedingly proud of Javier and excitingly ready to see what he has in store for his future. It is only fitting for Javier to earn the honor of being featured in the student spotlight because he is the epitome of #BulldogSTRONG!” Laura Quirino, Behaviorist, Golden Valley HIgh School  


“I had the privilege of meeting and coaching Javier when he was a 9th grader. It has been awesome to see how #BulldogSTRONG Javier has been throughout his high school career. Javier has not had the easiest road at times but has shown GROWTH by learning how to handle adversity and issues in a mature way. Javier has continued to show SERVICE throughout his time at Golden Valley. If anyone needs help with anything- Javier is your guy. Without complaint or hesitation he is always the first to volunteer to help. He is also a great SERVICE to his classmates, teammates, and teachers by providing some great laughs. Javier has an incredible sense of humor and has the ability to brighten someone’s day with just a few words. Javier has shown PRIDE in the classroom and during various sports and activities. Javier takes PRIDE in being #BulldogSTRONG and I am proud to have coached him.” Aaron Wherry, Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair & Assistant Dean of Students, Golden Valley High School