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#BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight 2020-2021 » Elijah Moore, February 19, 2021

Elijah Moore, February 19, 2021

Elijah Moore

Student: Elijah Moore 

Year in School: Senior

Plans After High School: Elijah plans on attending a trade school with aspirations of becoming an Electrical Engineer. 


What Makes Elijah #BulldogSTRONG: Some have argued that the cornerstone of any theatrical production are the memorable performances of those performers that dazzle the stage and audiences with their unique and gifted abilities in bringing engaging stories to life. Whether it’s the comedic talents of Josh Gad and Andrew Rannells in The Book of Mormon, the eloquent yet funky dancing of the cast from Hamilton, or the heart gripping voice of any lead that plays Phantom from Phantom of the Opera, it is the performances that leave audiences with memorable moments that deeply resonate within their souls. For Golden Valley High School Senior and performer in the Bulldog Theatre Company, Elijah Moore, theatre has left a deep emotional imprint on his own soul. “I ended up joining theatre because I’ve always enjoyed the messages the plays conveyed,” passionately states Elijah, “I wanted to be able to affect others the same way theatre has affected me.” After being introduced to theater as an 8th grader at Ollivier Middle School, Elijah found a new passion of performing on stage, a passion that would follow him to GVHS where he has been an active member of the Bulldog Theatre Company for four years. Throughout his years at GVHS, Elijah has served in a number of capacities in theatre of which include lead actor, supporting lead, chorus, and at times has assisted the technical aspects of productions even though he is not officially a technician. Some of the more memorable performances Elijah has performed in include his leading role as Peter in Peter and the Starcatcher, supporting lead as Dr. Gibbs in Our Town, and he was part of the chorus of dancers that performed in Once on This Island, a production that was performed entirely outside on and around the stage of the GVHS amphitheatre. For Elijah, his favorite role was as Peter. “It’s tough to choose a favorite role because they all have been meaningful to me,” humbly comments Elijah, “However, with the role of Peter, the entire process leading up to the production and the lasting impact my performance had on the audience, I will be forever grateful for that experience.”



Elijah Moore (Right with Overalls) cherishes his role as Peter in Peter and the Starcatcher even with dramatic scenes with the infamous Black Stache. (Stephanie Hernandez)


Elijah’s commitment to the theatre program at GVHS has been unwavering as he is currently the Vice President of the Bulldog Theatre Company and The GVHS International Thespian Society Troupe #6881. Additionally, with the success he has achieved in the classroom (3.5 overall GPA and 4.0 last semester) Elijah has been selected as a National Honor Thespian (120+ points earned) and is on the Vice President's List as a Scholar Thespian (3.5 - 3.99 gpa). Over the past year, with the ill effects of Covid-19 forcing schools to go into distance learning, Elijah was recognized by Kern High School District theatre teachers as a standout leader at the 2020 KHSD Theatre Virtual Leadership Conference, reaching out to kids from other schools across the district. Though Elijah has aspirations of becoming an electrical engineer after high school, he still is grateful for the Bulldog Theater Company. “After high school I still want to be very much part of the theatre community and support the performances at Golden Valley High School,” graciously states Elijah. For the genuine appreciation, PRIDE, and commitment he has for the Bulldog Theatre Company at Golden Valley High School and in his kind, humble, and positive demeanor, Elijah Moore is #BulldogSTRONG. 


For Elijah Moore, he takes PRIDE in belonging to the Bulldog Theatre Company because of the sense of community and family that has been created as evident in a behind the scenes look at the production of Our Town


What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Elijah: "#BulldogSTRONG means being helpful, active in school, and going above and beyond to represent Golden Valley School in the right manner. #BulldoSTRONG is not for recognition, but because you want to be a better person and students.”


What Teachers and Staff Think of Elijah: 

"I would love to recognize Elijah Moore. He's almost always the first person in the class Zoom meeting, and always greets every member of the class as they join. He was recognized by the district Theatre teachers as a standout leader at the 2020 KHSD Theatre Virtual Leadership Conference, reaching out to kids from other schools and getting communication going across the district. He also earned a 4.0 last semester, and is determined to earn a 4.0 this semester, too. And if you saw PETER AND THE STARCATCHER last year, he was Peter. 🙂 He's just an all-around amazing kid.” Sheila McClure, Theatre Arts Director, Golden Valley High School


“Elijah's kindness and charisma shine bright everywhere he goes. He genuinely cares for those around him and is always the first to help anyone who needs it, regardless of whether he's known them for years or if they just met. Both in-person and throughout distance learning, Elijah shares a smile as he greets each person in the room. Some days, it is that smile and warm greeting that make a difference between having a crummy and wonderful day. His service to others does not go unnoticed and is appreciated by all. His enthusiasm and drive can be seen during each rehearsal and performance with the Bulldog Theatre Company. Elijah demonstrates pride by showing up ready to give the best of himself every single day. For these reasons and more, Elijah truly is #BulldogSTRONG!” Monica Beavers, English Teacher and Theatre Arts Assistant Director, Golden Valley High School


“Getting to know Elijah this school year has been a definite bright spot during this unusual time of online learning. When Elijah joins my Zoom class, he always unmics and says an upbeat "hello".  There is no doubt that this year has been difficult for all our students. Missing out on traditional senior milestones being at the forefront for the Class of 2021. From my conversations with Elijah, it appears that he is taking his senior year in stride-looking towards the future when he can say that he graduated during a historical pandemic. Whether on-campus or online, Elijah is #BulldogSTRONG.” Tracy Costa, AP European History Teacher and Government Teacher, Golden Valley High School


"I’m so thankful to have Elijah in my class this year. He has been an amazing student. He is more than willing to help out his classmates, and he has demonstrated time and time again what it means to be #BulldogSTRONG."  Nadia Wehbe, English Teacher and SAGA Adviser, Golden Valley High School


“Elijah is always ready with a kind greeting at the beginning of class.  He always asks, ‘How are you doing?’. His efforts to provide a sense of normalcy in our abnormal situation demonstrates his service to our GV community.  He is kind, patient, and also a very good student!” Terri Richmond, Social Studies Department Chair and WASC Coordinator, Golden Valley High School