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#BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight 2020-2021 » Samantha Aguilar, May 14, 2021

Samantha Aguilar, May 14, 2021


Student: Samantha Aguilar

Year in School: Senior

Plans After High School: Samantha will be attending the University of California, Davis in Fall 2021 and is undecided on her major - she knows that she wants to choose a profession in which she can serve people. 


What Makes Samantha #BulldogSTRONG: One of the major behavior expectations of being #BulldogSTRONG on the campus of Golden Valley High School is having PRIDE and this is demonstrated by making good choices. For Senior Samantha Aguilar, she attributes her success at GVHS through the positive choices she has made and each choice was made with a desire to make her family situation better. In particular, it is in the classroom where Samantha has seemed to make the best choices as she has earned an impressive 4.47 GPA while being enrolled in the most rigorous classes GVHS has to offer of which include AP (Advanced Placement), Honors, and GATE classes. Furthermore, she is part of the prestigious Project Lead the Way (PLTW) program which prepares students for careers in math, science, and engineering. Her high GPA currently places her tied for 1st in Class at GVHS as she has even passed some of the more difficult AP Exams (AP European and United States History). For Samantha, education is a way for her to help her family. “I’m genuinely very mindful of being satisfied with myself and my choices,” humbly comments Samantha, “Deep down I understand that education is probably going to be the easiest way to give my family a life where they don’t have to suffer for the crumbs of respect this country allows them.” With the difficulties of distance learning due to the global pandemic, Samantha admits she picked up a new form of anxiety in the form of Canvas notifications indicating that teachers had made comments on her assignment submissions, but she was able to overcome that minor obstacle and continue to make good choices with support from friends and family. “My friends and family were great at making me feel better about my shortcomings, and I'm going to end this crazy year proud of myself.”


1Samantha Aguilar takes PRIDE in making good choices in the classroom, on campus, and in the community on way to a 4.47 GPA and being tied for 1st in Class at GVHS.


In addition to her academic success at GVHS, Samantha has been very active regarding athletics and activities, making positive contributions for her fellow Bulldogs. For three years, Samantha was part of the Girls Tennis program and loved it more than anything else that she did as seemed to never want the season to end because she enjoyed practicing with her friends. Additionally, Samantha took part in a Forestry challenge which was memorable to her because she experienced the depths of nature and was able to meet new people along the way. She was involved in Mock Trial during her junior year and experienced the dedication and hard work one has to have regarding academic competition. Moreover, Samantha has also taken to club life as she was the vice president for the French Club. Samantha has genuinely enjoyed her time as a Bulldog at GVHS and is appreciative to all of the supportive friends and students that she has met in her journey. Her most memorable moments have been spending time with my friends and cheering at football games, laughing during lunch, or watching her best friend perform incredibly at her plays and choir performances. “Golden Valley is special to me because it holds some of the most fun memories I have had with my friends.” After GVHS, Samantah is attending the illustrious University of California, Davis, but is undecided about her future career plans - she just knows that she wants to help people. For the positive choices she has made academically on her way to a 4.47 GPA (and in attending UC Davis in the fall) and with the many memories she has made with her friends as a student at GVHS, Samantha Aguilar is #BulldogSTRONG. 


What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Samantha: "To me, #BulldogSTRONG means being considerate to myself and others. I think treating others with care and responsibility is the best way to keep a community strong.”


What Teachers and Staff Think of Samantha: 

"I have the pleasure of teaching Samantha in my French 3 Honors class where she exhibits excellence in both academics and attitude. Samantha is open, engaged, and an effective communicator who makes the most of her learning experience. She started her distance learning school year with a strong will for learning and has not slowed down a bit. Although learning a new language is a complex task, Samantha’s efforts exemplify perseverance and consistency. She sets high expectations for herself and makes proficiency in a new language seem effortless rather than the difficult challenge that it is. Samantha, I wish you continued success in your future endeavors.” May Feghali, French Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Samantha is a great example of #BulldogSTRONG.  She is a strong analytical thinker, highly motivated, and always growing as a student.  She takes pride in her work.  She is also a kind, cheerful classmate that brightens up class.  She is quick to serve alongside her friends and classmates.” Lana King, English Department Chair and WASC Coordinator, Golden Valley High School


“Samantha was one of the top students in AP European History. Her depth of knowledge of the content and her phenomenal writing skills made her stand out. I truly believe that I learned more from her than she from me during her Sophomore year in my class. Whatever Samantha puts her mind to, she will do it well.”  Tracy Costa, AP European History Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Samantha was in my Intro to Engineering Design class as a freshman. It took very little time to discover that Samantha was a determined, focused and highly intelligent person. The projects in IED are designed to help students approach each challenge with creative problem solving skills. Some students take some time and have to push through some frustrations early on in the class but Samantha always found a way to be successful and did so in a creative and thought-provoking way. It was always a pleasure having her positive attitude in class and she helps everyone around her become better. Samantha is a well rounded student who has also been involved in Varsity Tennis and several clubs on campus, including being the Vice President of French Club. Samantha has an outstanding GPA that is the top of her class and I really look forward to seeing what she does in the future. Samantha is a shining example of what it means to be #BulldogSTORNG.” Aaron Wherry, Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair and Assistant Dean, Golden Valley High School


“I have had the joy of working with Samantha for the last four years both in class and in after school activities.  She is the epitome of BulldogStrong!  She has a passion for knowledge and demonstrates growth, pride, and service as a student.  She is an exceptional engineering student, always impressing me with her creativity and work ethic.” Judiah Hopkins, Math and Project Lead the Way Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Samantha is an awesome young lady! Having her in my Anatomy class has been a great honor. Not only is Samantha a hard worker but she's very humble and sincere. I know she will make an excellent addition to the medical field.” George San Miguel, Biology and Anatomy Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“I met Samantha on the first day of her freshman year. She was in my 7th period GATE English class. Typically, by 7th period on the first day of school, freshmen are tired, overwhelmed, and ready to call it a day, but not Samantha. She arrived with a positive attitude, an air of confidence, and prepared to learn. One of Samantha’s best qualities was leadership. She quietly commanded the room and elevated the discourse and quality of work from everyone around her. Samantha not only showed Growth, Pride, and Service in my class, she fostered it in others. She epitomized #BulldogSTRONG on day one, and she has never wavered from that.”  Jamie Contois, English Teacher and ELD Teacher, Golden Valley High School