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#BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight 2020-2021 » Jose Alvarez, May 21, 2021

Jose Alvarez, May 21, 2021


Student: Jose Alvarez

Year in School: Senior

Plans After High School: Jose wants to attend San Joaquin Valley College to receive a Sonography certificate in order to become an ultrasound technician. 


What Makes Jose #BulldogSTRONG: GROWTH is one of the cornerstones that is expected of students on their path to being #BulldogSTRONG and demonstrating this expectation is done in a myriad of ways: commit to graduate, work through failure, always give 100%, resolve conflict appropriately, honor your commitments, be a lifelong learner, and overcome obstacles. For Golden Valley High School Senior, Jose Alvarez, GROWTH has been an essential factor in his fours years as a Bulldog. From an early age, Jose’s parents taught him to never give up and stay positive no matter what the situation is. Thanks to their teachings that were instilled in him at a young age, Jose has grown to have more motivation throughout his high school years, having repaid them with high levels of success in the classroom. Beyond his supportive household that fostered personal growth, Jose has also demonstrated growth in his time as a student at GVHS and for that he is eternally grateful. “Golden Valley is a special place to me because I have grown immensely through the four years I have been a student here,” graciously comments Jose, “My teachers have seen me grow academically and so has the campus where I hold many memories that have become engraved in my heart.” 


1Golden Valley High School Senior Jose Alvarez is grateful for the support and wisdom he has received from his family and from the staff at GVHS.


Furthermore, it is the staff at GVHS that have fostered the most growth in Jose’s tenure as a Bulldog. For example, Jose’s counselor Mr. Lupe Sanchez has been the most influential to him because he simply makes himself available to him and always seemed to have the right words of wisdom to provide when he was stressed out. Mr. German Robledo is perhaps his most influential teacher Jose had had because he stresses the importance of success and for students. “Thanks to his lessons and in class speeches, I hold myself to a higher standard,” comments Jose, “I admire his honesty and his willingness to help when I am stuck on an assignment.” As a result of the positive influence and feedback he has received from staff, Jose has accumulated a 4.083 GPA in his four years at GVHS while being enrolled in some of the more challenging courses that consist of Advanced Placement, Honors, and College Prep. With the tremendous GROWTH he has displayed, Jose has developed PRIDE in being a Bulldog. “Golden Valley High School has been a place of comfort for me. Being there for four years has taught me so much I have gained an incredible amount of friends and a lot of life experiences,” reflects Jose, “I love Golden Valley because of its pride and the teachers who desire to inspire everyone around them.” For the tremendous academic GROWTH he has displayed as a result of his family and some inspirational staff members at GVHS, and for the PRIDE and love he has in being a Bulldog, Jose Alvarez is #BulldogSTRONG.


What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Jose: "#BulldogSTRONG is a motto that has helped my ambition and passion for school to become stronger. Being #BulldogSTRONG to me means to always be positive, caring of others, and respectful towards everyone.”


What Teachers and Staff Think of Jose: 

"Jose is a fantastic student. We met in Honors Math Analysis during his junior year and now he is in AP Calculus. He is as sharp as they come. I refer to him as my fact-checker. He calls me out whenever I write something incorrectly. He saves me from tons of extra work. I appreciate his friendly and outgoing personality.” German Robledo, AP Calculus Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Jose is such a great young man! He always has a smile and something interesting to share each day. He supports his classmates and is always willing to help with whatever is needed. His motivation is unstoppable and I know he is going to do amazing things in this world! I am so excited to see him graduate!” Michell Gearhart, English Teacher and Assistant Dean of Students, Golden Valley High School


“Jose has a great work ethic. He is always focused on getting his assignments done and demonstrates a desire to do his very best work. He has a great attitude and has been fun to work with in Psychology and Sociology.” Teri Richmond, Social Studies Department Chair and WASC Coordinator, Golden Valley High School   


“I got to know Jose his sophomore year when he was a student in my World History class. To put it bluntly, Jose was the smartest student in the class. Even though he got good grades, what stood out about Jose was that he really tried to do well. For example, if he didn't understand a topic or concept, he would ask for clarification and then he would do the assignment, turn it in, and make sure he had done it correctly by having me grade it on the spot. When I opened my Synergy roster at the beginning of this school year, I was happy to see that Jose was going to be in my gov/econ class. Even in the online/Canvas format, Jose has shined academically. I see great things in Jose's future because he does epitomize the #BulldogStrong spirit of Growth and Pride.” Tracy Costa, Social Studies Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Jose is such an awesome student.  He is inquisitive and thinks outside of the box.  He uses all of the communication methods (email, Remind App, Canvas message) at all hours of the day to ask questions and to have discussions about the current lesson in AP Stats. It really is a joy to have a student who hungers for knowledge and wants to go beyond the textbook. I wish I had many more just like him.” Sheryl Cleveland, Mathematics Department Chair, Golden Valley High School