#BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight 2022-2023 » Alejandra Lozano, March 10, 2023

Alejandra Lozano, March 10, 2023


Student: Alejandra Lozano 

Year in School: Senior

Plans After High School: Alejandra wants to major in Biology with aspirations of attending UCLA or CSUB. Eventually, she wants to attend medical school with the goal of becoming a dermatologist. 


What Makes Alejandra #BulldogSTRONG: The legendary cinematic and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn has long been known for her quintessential roles in the landmark films Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Wait Until Dark, and many others that have earned her accolades and numerous awards along the way. Despite the glitz and the glamor that Hollywood provided her, Hepburn always maintained a servant’s heart as she devoted much of her life working in some of the poorest communities of Africa, South America, and Asia providing essential care to some of the neediest people in the world. Hepburn once commented about the importance of SERVICE, “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” Inspired by the words and actions of Hepburn, Golden Valley High School Senior Alejandra Lozano has committed herself to the SERVICE of others through her involvement in the Needle Arts Club and as an ambassador for the GVHS Blood Drive. As a junior, Alejandra wanted to pick up a new hobby and although she was unfamiliar and a little uncertain with her ability to crochet, she decided that she would give the GVHS Crochet Club a chance. After some encouragement and help from other club members, Alejandra quickly learned a new skill that she hopes will stay with her for life. However, beyond her desire to learn how to crochet, Alejandra joined the Crochet Club because of their commitment to donating finished projects to those in need at local hospitals and shelters. From beanies, to scarves, to blankets, Alejandra and the GVHS Crochet Club have donated items to help the needy warm. “I have faith in humanity,” humbly states Alejandra, “I truly believe that looking out for others is a way of looking out for yourself. Even if my creations are a small thing, I hope they bring a smile to others.” This year the Crochet Club underwent a rebrand as they are now called the Needle Arts Club and Alejandra has assumed a leadership position where she manages the clubs’ social media accounts. The Needle Arts Club has also evolved from their focus on just crocheting to include knitting, embroidery, and design work, but with a continued focus of donating projects to those in need. This inclusive approach allows for students to creatively express themselves in a safe space on campus. “The Needle Arts Club is more than just a club, it is  a community, where we learn from each other and help each other out,” states Alejandra, “Meetings after school are soothing, and help me reset  from school and problems.”


1As a leader this year in the Needle Arts Club, Alejandra Lozano is helping others develop their crochet skills and commitment to serving the community.


Beyond a ball of yarn and crochet hook, Alejandra has also volunteered her time as a GVHS Blood Drive Ambassador for the past two years. Alejandra and other Bulldog ambassadors have worked with the Houchen Blood Bank to get students to donate blood in order to have a greater impact on the Kern County Community. This year, Alejandra and the GVHS Ambassadors organized the GVHS Blood Drive and as a result of their efforts, they were able to collect 74 units of whole blood which is the most of any high school in the Kern High School District. The positive response of the staff and students that donated blood encourages Alejandra to continue to serve others. “For every pint of blood that was donated, three lives were saved,” Alejandra states optimistically, “Seeing the amount of people willing to donate a piece of themselves to save another person’s life is what I have enjoyed the most about being an ambassador for the blood drive.” Beyond the endless hours of SERVICE she has provided to others, Alejandra has maintained a 4.134 GPA while being enrolled in the most rigorous AP, GATE, and Honors Classes that GVHS has to offer. For her desire to seek the good in humanity by her commitment to the SERVICE of others through involvement in the Needle Arts Club and GVHS Blood Drive, Alejandra Lozano is #BulldogSTRONG. 


1Alejandra Lozano has been a Blood Drive Ambassador for the past two years and this year, she helped GVHS raise the most units of whole blood in the Kern High School District.



What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Alejandra: “To me GPS is a reminder of our expectations, not just in school but also in the real world. Take pride in yourself and be the best version yourself. Grow in every aspect as possible, always strive for the best. Be a service to others and yourself, it is rewarding and uplifting.”


What Teachers and Staff Think of Alejandra: 

“Alejandra is a tremendous help in the Needle Arts Club. She is a patient teacher and has amazing skills with crochet. Her smile cheers everyone up! I am happy that the club means I was able to meet her.” Darcy Blagg, English Teacher and Needle Arts Club Adviser, Golden Valley High School


“Over the past school year I have had the pleasure of getting to know Alejandra. She is incredibly intelligent and kind hearted. I know I can count on her to help a student in need of help. She is involved all around campus and brings her confidence and kind spirit everywhere she goes. Alejandra always is ready with insightful and meaningful responses in class. She is the sort of student you always treasure. She deserves this recognition and more.” Cameron Hertzog, Government and Economics Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“One of my favorite things about Alejandra is her ability to advocate for herself in the most approachable and respectful way. She figures out what she wants out of life, her future, her classes and friendships and she goes after it. She carries herself with a calm and mature essence that makes her well liked and well regarded by both peers and staff. Alejandra is very active in extracurriculars that she is passionate about and is highly dedicated academically. I am happy to see Alejandra celebrated by the #BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight. Much deserved!” Victoria Hinojosa, Counselor, Golden Valley High School 


“Alejandra is a focused, hardworking intelligent young lady who triumphs academically. She is courteous with all staff and students. Alejandra is always willing to volunteer her time in any way for her community. She is beautiful inside and out. Her friends talk highly of her; she is the best friend anyone could wish for.” Gaby Ruvalcaba, Library Technician, Golden Valley High School


“Alejandra is a superstar as a student! She exhibits kindness and compassion and is a natural role model inside and outside the classroom. I have been blessed to get to know Alejandra as a student and a person this year. I know her passion for learning and helping others will be her keys to success. She is always #BulldogSTRONG.” Dr. Katrina Barnum, Science Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Alejandra epitomizes #bulldogstrong because pride for her includes not only school pride, but pride in her studies. She gives the same effort on every task, no matter the nature of the assignment, and she continues her pride with her peer interactions. She is also a leader in the classroom, facilitating strong group discussions and collaboratively working with others. It has been a joy to see her independence and strength develop in her senior year, as she has become such a mature and goal-oriented young woman, and I know that she has a bright future ahead of her.” Madison Bealessio, English Teacher and Yearbook Adviser, Golden Valley High School  

“I have never had Alejandra in one of my classes, but she has been a blood drive ambassador for the past two years with me. She has been one of the most reliable members of our blood drive program on campus. She is #BulldogStrong because of her willingness to welcome and help people to our campus. Moreover, she has multiple commitments on campus which further demonstrates that she is #Bulldogstrong. Overall, just a nice person to have around.” Fernando Ruiz, Social Studies Teacher and Blood Drive Facilitator, Golden Valley High School

“Alejandra has been an outstanding member of our school's crochet club, where she has managed the club's social media accounts with diligence and creativity. She has consistently demonstrated her leadership and organizational skills, inspiring other members to participate and contribute their talents to the club's activities.  Furthermore, Alejandra has been an ambassador for our school's blood drive program, promoting the importance of blood donation and volunteering to support the event. Her dedication and enthusiasm for community service have been truly admirable, and her efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of others.  Alejandra is a pillar of Service to others.” Judiah Hopkins, Physics and Engineering Teacher, Golden Valley High School