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#BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight: Areisy Lopez

Student: Areisy Lopez
Year in School: Senior
Plans After High School: Attending University of California, Santa Barbara with intentions of majoring in Biology. Has plans to attend medical school in the future. 
GPS Focus: GROWTH, PRIDE, and Service
What Makes Areisy #BulldogSTRONG: Simply put, Areisy Lopez is the embodiment of what it means to be #BulldogSTRONG at Golden Valley High School. Areisy shows a lot of GROWTH in that she always gives 100% into making Golden Valley the best school it possibly can be. In her four years as a Bulldog, Areisy has immersed herself into student leadership in order to SERVE the Golden Valley student body. After taking the school's leadership class as a freshman, Areisy ascended to the position of ASB Secretary as a sophomore, Commissioner of Clubs as a junior, and as a senior, she was elected to become the 2018-2019 ASB President at Golden Valley. "Being in student leadership is important to me," states Areisy, "It allows me to leave a major impact and influence on students and staff. I take PRIDE in SERVING our student body and school." Areisy takes PRIDE in being a leader that models SERVICE as evident in her participation in a number of activities across campus and in the community. Areisy is a Houchin Blood Drive Ambassador, was a member of the RN Explorers program for students interested in the medical field, and at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, Areisy volunteers her time in various capacities as a mentor towards the youth by helping to teach Catechism classes. In addition to her endless efforts at SERVICE towards others, Areisy has been a four year player of the Golden Valley volleyball program, serving as captain for her senior year. Areisy has enjoyed her time playing volleyball at Golden Valley because it has further allowed her to hone in our leadership skills with her position as captain.
Areisy Lopez has been a four year member of the volleyball program at Golden Valley, serving as team captain in her senior year. (Photo provided by Nick Ellis of the Kern High Network)
Furthermore, in addition to her strong commitment to Golden Valley, Areisy found time to work 20 hours a week as a clerk at American Eagle or Old Navy in order to provide for her family. With her extremely busy schedule, Areisy has managed to earn a 4.171 overall GPA and will be attending the University of California, Santa Barbara in the fall. She has intentions of majoring in Biology with the overall goal of attending medical school in order to become a physician. "Whatever I do in life, I just want to help people," states Areisy, "My passion is helping the needy."  In addition to her acceptance as a Gaucho at UCSB, Areisy has also seen some other perks in her senior year as a Bulldog at Golden Valley. In winter, Areisy led the pledge of allegiance at the Bakersfield City Council meeting and posed for a picture with Mayor Karen Goh. In Spring, Areisy was voted Prom Queen by her peers because of her commitment to GROWTH, PRIDE, and SERVICE at Golden Valley. For all of her achievements and her endless pursuit to SERVING others, Areisy Lopez is #BulldogSTRONG.  
From being voted Prom Queen to photo opportunities with Mayor Karen Goh, Areisy Lopez has had a memorable year at Golden Valley High School
What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Areisy: "#BulldogSTRONG means doing what is right for the entire campus. It also requires that we as students should the best versions of ourselves in order to help out our community and our campus. " 
What Teachers Think of Areisy: 
"Areisy has been a bright spot in the leadership program for four years. She is kind, thoughtful, and hard-working. It has been so rewarding watching her grow from the sweet little freshmen girl who greeted the upper-classmen each day with 'Hi friends!' into the capable and driven young woman that she is today. I can’t wait to see what her future holds, but I know it will be a successful one." - Valerie Black, Activities Director, Golden Valley High School
"Areisy is an honest, humble, hard working young lady. Areisy gets along well with everyone and it was a great pleasure to have taught her this year." - George San Miguel, Science Teacher and Football Coach, Golden Valley High School
"Areisy Lopez added into We the People class when she wanted to challenge herself to a more rigorous class at the start of the school year. After adding she became a valuable member of the class and helped contribute to her unit and our team’s success at the Local Competition and then at the We the People State Competition. Areisy is a self-motivated student who is involved in countless on campus and off-campus activities and groups both as a member and as a leader. Truly she has been a joy to have in the classroom and she truly embodies being #BulldogSTRONG." - John Hansen, Social Studies Teacher and We The People Coach, Golden Valley High School
"Areisy is a phenomenal young woman. Her drive to succeed is unparalleled. Her level of pride is strong and motivates her to be the best she can be. Areisy is a role model for all of us, teachers as well as students, to always do all that we can to be the best we can be. Areisy embodies what it means to be #BulldogStrong and I so proud to have her in my class! " - David Lollar, English Teacher, Golden Valley High School
"Areisy is the embodiment of #BulldogSRTONG. She is cheerful and positive and her demeanor in unequivocally optimistic." - Gabriel Flores, Spanish Teacher, Golden Valley High School