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Tiered Support Staff

At Golden Valley High School, we have a team of committed individuals comprised of administrators, teachers, and support staff that strive to support ALL students on their journey towards being #BulldogSTRONG. Below is a comprehensive list of those individuals that are part of the #BulldogSTRONG system to support the students at Golden Valley High School. If you need to reach a specific staff member, simply go to the menu, click on staff, and you will be directed to their email. 
Tier I Team 



Kyle Wylie (Coordinator)

Assistant Principal of Administration & #BulldogSTRONG Coordinator

Aaron Wherry (Graphic Design) 

Art Teacher, Assistant Dean, and Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair

Manuel Sanchez (Graphic Design)

Teacher Librarian

Maria Lam (Parent Contact)

Parent Center Community Specialist

Jennifer Webb (Recorder/Note Taker)

Dean of Instruction and Administration

Geri Antoine 

Assistant Principal of Instruction

Jamie Contois

English Teacher

Jane Hurttgam

Title 1 Coordinator

Madison Bealessio (GPS Lesson Creator)

English Teacher & Yearbook Advisor

Trisha Brown (GPS Lesson Creator)

Social Studies Teacher

John Hansen 

Social Studies Teacher

Dalfon Amey (Tier II Lead)

Intervention Specialist

Anthony Rosado

Math Teacher

Pablo Reyes (Data Collection/Presenter)

Dean of Students

Paul Helman 


Robert Castro 

Community Specialist

Patricia Janousek

Head Counselor

Jill Halling

Special Education Program Specialist

Brittany Brandon (Tier III Lead)

Social Worker

Joslyn Reyes

Golden Valley Parent

Jayden Reyes Sarmiento

Golden Valley Student

Gerardo Bernal

Golden Valley Student

Angelica Bernal

Golden Valley Parent

Marshall Garcia

Social Studies Teacher

Nancy Cisneros (GPS Lesson Creator)

English & ELD Teacher/Color Guard

Lisa Morse

Special Education Instructional Assistant

Callie Albison

Counseling Intern & Americorp Staff

Tier II/III Team



Kyle Wylie  

Assistant Principal of Administration & #BulldogSTRONG Coordinator

Pablo Reyes

Dean of Students & Tier II/III Coordinator

Jennifer Webb

Dean of Administration & Instruction

Brittany Brandon (Tier III)

Social Worker

Dalfon Amey (Tier II)

Intervention Specialist

Sarah Tyler (Tier II)

Substance Abuse Specialist

Jill Halling (Tier II/III)

Special Education Program Specialist

Marlene Hernandez (Tier II/III)

Mental Health Clinician

Diana Robayo (Tier II/III)

School Psychologist

Maria Ortiz (Tier II/III)

School Psychologist

Laura Quirino (Tier II/III)


Stella Baeza-Braboy (Tier II)

On Campus Intervention

Patricia Janousek

Head Counselor (10-12: D-G)

Lupe Sanchez Counselor (10-12:A-C)

Janine Lynch

Counselor (10-12:M-P & Foster Youth)

Ramon Cardenas

Counselor (10-12:Q-T)

Emmanuel Gomez

Counselor (10-12: U-Z, ELD, ISP)

Victoria Hinojosa

Counselor (10-12:H-L)

Kerry Stevens

Counselor (All 9: No ELD of SpEd)