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#BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight: Rocio "Rosie" Gonzalez


Student: Rocio “Rosie” Gonzalez

Year in School: Senior

Plans After High School: Attend the University of California at Berkeley or the University of California at San Diego and major in mathematics. Want to be either a financial advisor or an analyst on Wall Street 


What Makes Rosie #BulldogSTRONG: For the 2019-2020 school year, the Golden Valley High School ASB Leadership team created a set of goals for ALL students: 1. Never stop being #BulldogSTRONG 2. Work as a team and be a united front 3. Support all Bulldogs and get them involved 3. Positive vibes and good energy - ALWAYS. Central to the goal setting of the ASB Leadership team were the thoughtful and caring perspectives of Rocio “Rosie” Gonzalez. Rosie has been associated with ASB for the past two years at Golden Valley High School and loves her role in SERVING all Bulldogs in order to ensure that they have positive memories. As a junior, Rosie served as the Junior Class Treasurer and this year, as a senior, she is the Rally Chair for the entire Associated Student Body. “I want rallies to be energetic and fun,” states an enthusiastic Rosie, “But more than that, I want rallies to be a safe space where students are not afraid to be themselves and show school spirit. I want students at rallies to be proud of being a Bulldog.”


Rocio "Rosie" Gonzalez (Left Kneeling) serves as the ASB Rally Chair at Golden Valley High School and believes in the idea of always being #BulldogSTRONG.

In addition to making positive experiences and memories for students at Golden Valley High School, Rosie has demonstrated much GROWTH in her academic pursuits as she always gives 100%. Carrying a weighted GPA of 4.05, Rosie is extremely gifted in her favorite subject, mathematics. Rosie has earned an A in every math class that she has taken at Golden Valley as she took Stats and Honors Math Analysis as a junior and is currently enrolled in AP Calculus AB. “I am always fascinated by numbers,” indicates Rosie, “Number processes have always come easy to me and I have had some amazing teachers along the way at Golden Valley to help me take my math game to the next level.” In addition to her high GPA, Rosie is involved in We The People and the Golden Valley FFA, in particular floral design. This year marks the second year of Golden Valley having a National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) Club on campus, a student run club committed to bringing awareness of mental illness related issue across the nation. 

More than her commitment to making memorable rallies or being an exceptional student, Rosie treats everyone with kindness, is extremely welcoming to anyone she meets, and is extremely helpful. Rosie can be found at most Golden Valley events from Freshman Registration to Back to School Night to football games, always helping in any capacity she can in order to maximize the student #BulldogSTRONG experience for students. “I love making new friends,” smiles Rosie, “I want to be known as a Bulldog that people can turn to if they need help or just a friend that they can lean on.” Rosie credits some of her compassion for others because of the guidance that she has received from the staff at Golden Valley High School. “The staff has created a strong family atmosphere here at Golden Valley,” indicates Rosie, “They have created a comfortable atmosphere where I can go for help. Golden Valley is my home away from home.” For her dedication to always maintaining a positive attitude and her commitment to helping others, Rocio “Rosie” Gonzalez is #BulldogSTRONG.


What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Rosie: "#BulldogSTRONG means that you need to PRIDE in being a Bulldog and by promoting a positive and original self image. It also means that we should live to positively impact others and to not let the negativity of others influence or bring you down. Stay positive by staying #BulldogSTRONG.”

What Teachers Think of Rosie: 

"Rosie is always #BulldogSTRONG.  She works hard in her classes to grow and always gives 100%.  She is also like a coach and always cheering on and encouraging her classmates to do more and do better.  She genuinely serves her classmates and our campus with great impact. Rosie is a phenomenal member of the GVHS community." - Lana King, Head of the English Department, Golden Valley High School

 "Rocio has been an awesome addition to leadership program at Golden Valley for the last 2 years. Always helpful, always smiling, and always ready to help make GV the best place it can be. She embodies the BulldogSTRONG spirit with her positive attitude, always giving 100% in all that she does, and following through on commitments she has made. She has helped to regenerate our spirit section at our athletic events and you have her to thank if you are riding the rooter bus to Santa Maria this Friday! Rocio is definitely #BulldogSTRONG!" - Valerie Black, Activities Director, Golden Valley High School

 "I had Rocio in Honors Math Analysis last year.  Not only was she a talented mathematician, but she came every day with a stellar attitude and a smile on her face!  She is a student that to me is the epitome of being #BulldogStrong" - Sheryl Cleveland, Math Teacher, Golden Valley High School

"Rocio was an awesome student in my Statistics course. On top of her coursework, she is very active here at GVHS and her Bulldog Pride shows all of the time. She is probably one of the kindest, respectful, and knowledgeable students you could ever ask for." - David Gago, Math Teacher, Golden Valley High School

"Rosie is an amazing young lady. She is driven and focused on her goals and is always kind to others. In my Chemistry class, Rosie was a leader and always willing to help others. She is a great positive person to be around and I looked forward to seeing Rosie everyday." - Raelin Villalobos, Chemistry Teacher, Golden Valley High School