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#BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight: Francesca Uribe


Student: Francesca Uribe

Year in School: Senior

Plans After High School: Attend California State University of Bakersfield and Major in Biology. Eventually wants to go to Dental School in Texas, possibly Texas A&M. 


What Makes Francesca #BulldogSTRONG: Across the Kern High School District, there are many female Hispanic students that are part of the Latina Leaders of Kern County. The mission of the organization is to foster leadership, identify and develop opportunities for Latinas, and to influence key issues affecting Kern County. Essentially, the goal is to promote a positive self image for students, a key component of being #BulldogSTRONG. Golden Valley High School student Francesca Uribe is among the participants of the Latina Leaders of Kern County and the positive self-image that she fosters in the classroom, around campus, and in the community makes her #BulldogSTRONG. Francesca’s leadership is visible on campus as she has been a four year member of Golden Valley’s Student Leadership team. From her freshman to her junior year, Francesca served as the Class of 2020 Treasure in each year as she managed the finances for her fellow peers. This year as a senior, Francesca was elected as the ASB Rally Chair for the entire student body and was an integral part in making the Homecoming 2019 Rally fun and memorable for all students as the moments will be cherished at Golden Valley for a long time. Francesca capped off Homecoming Night as one of the dancers for the Senior Class’s halftime performance to further add to her legacy as a viable leader at Golden Valley.

2Francesca Uribe dancing with the Class of 2020 at the Homecoming Game. She demonstrates leadership in the classroom, on campus, and in the community. (Photo by Mark Duffel)

In addition to her involvement in student leadership at Golden Valley High School, Francesca is among the leaders of the Golden Valley Cheer Program as she is one of three captains on the squad. Francesca has only been in cheer for two years, but has quickly come to appreciate her teammates and the continued school wide involvement that cheer provides to students. “I really enjoy promoting school spirit,” states Francesca, “I love supporting all of the sports teams because what they do is important. I love cheering at the football games and being under the Friday Night Lights - those memories will always be with me.” 

3Francesca Uribe (Center) is one of three captains on the Golden Valley Cheer Squad and loves performing under the Friday Night Lights. (Photo by Mark Duffel)

Additionally, Francesca has demonstrated leadership in the classroom as she has flourished academically. Currently, Francesca possesses a 4.15 GPA and is primarily enrolled in Advanced Placement and Honors classes.   Furthermore, Francesca is involved in the We The People program, California Scholarship Federation, and Floral Design class at Golden Valley, achieving high marks and grades along the way. For her success, Francesca is quick to recognize the positive impact that her teachers and staff members have had on academic growth. “The staff at Golden Valley are awesome,” expresses Francesca, “They connect with you, want you to be successful, and treat students like they are human beings. The staff has empowered me to be a leader on this campus and have created a positive vibe at Golden Valley.” For her commitment to leadership and promoting a positive self-image in the classroom, on campus, and in the community, Francesca Uribe is #BulldogSTRONG.    


As ASB Rally Chair, Francesca Uribe helped make the 2019 Homecoming Rally memorable for students and staff at Golden Valley High School. (Video by Miguel Garcia)

What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Francesca: "#BulldogSTRONG means being a leader on campus and part of leadership involves the ability to help others. It also means that we should set a good example and image for other students to follow and look up to. We need to be the person that others follow and that person is #BulldogSTRONG.”

What Teachers Think of Francesca: 

"Francesca’s amazing attitude makes her #BulldogSTRONG.  She’s always positive and cheerful. She is also willing to challenge herself by taking tough classes.  Francesca has learned that she can work through failure. Because of this, she is and will be wildly successful!" - Lana King, English Department Chair, Golden Valley High School


 "Francesca is pure joy! This young lady is humble, responsible, enthusiastic, motivated and reliable. I was fortunate to be her teacher for two years and it was always fun to have her in my class." - Yaneli Bravo-Ceja, Spanish Teacher, Golden Valley High School


 "Francesca Uribe is a bright young woman who is a joy to have in the classroom. As a learner she exhibits Growth by contributing her best effort, being an inquisitive learner, and interacting during class discussions and debates. Francesca shows Pride by both in her exuberance of school spirit, her excellent attitude, and in her coursework. Also, she demonstrates service by being a kind hearted learner who is helpful to her peers and involved in several activities that serve our school. Without a doubt she is #BulldogSTRONG" - John Hansen, Government Teacher and We The People Coach, Golden Valley High School


"Francesca is a kind and thoughtful young lady who is also a dedicated member of the leadership program ,serving as a rally chair, and Co-Captain of the Varsity cheer team. She balances all of these obligations with her academic load and is still able to carry a 4.15 GPA. She is a student who embodies what it means to be #BulldogSTRONG as she walks the walk and talks the talk." - Valerie Black, Activities Director and Head Cheer Coach & Advisor, Golden Valley High School

"Francesca was a great student in my class last year. She would ask thoughtful questions and would be engaged for the lessons. She always had a smile on her face and was proud to be BulldogSTRONG for all of the activities on campus. She epitomizes what a model GVHS student should be!" - David Gago, Math Teacher, Golden Valley High School