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#BulldogSTRONG Student Spotlight Thanksgiving Special: The Reyes Sarmiento Siblings


Student: Adrian, Jayden, and Ailayni Reyes Sarmiento

Year in School: Senior, Junior, and Freshman

Plans After High School: Adrian - Wants to attend Woodbury University in Burbank, California and want to major in Fashion Design; Jayden - Wants to attend University of California, Irvine and major in Criminal Psychology; Ailayni - Wants to major in Civil Engineering and possibly attend University of California, Los Angeles. 


What Makes the Reyes Sarmiento Siblings #BulldogSTRONG: As people from all over the United States and Kern County turn to the dinner table next Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving by eating large amounts of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, many will also pause to express what they are thankful for. Perhaps the entity that most people are thankful more than anything else is family. For Adrian, Jayden, and Ailayni Reyes Sarmiento, loyalty to family is most important and part of that familial bond is rooted in a commitment to Golden Valley High School (and the Barcelona Soccer Club), and for that, they are #BulldogSTRONG. 

Over the past year, Adrian Reyes Sarmiento has shown tremendous GROWTH as a Bulldog. Throughout his time at Golden Valley, Adrian spent his time trying to find his way. Adrian played football and a few years of soccer for the Bulldogs, but still was trying to find his way as a student and as an athlete. In his junior year, Adrian was faced with an obstacle as he found himself in trouble at school, but it was at that moment that would change the direction of his life. “Honestly at that time in my life, I lost track of my priorities and had no motivation at all,” states a humble Adrian. As a result of the discipline that he faced, Adrian turned to kickboxing and found a new sense of purpose and direction. “Kickboxing has allowed me to have discipline,” indicates Adrian, “I now have self confidence and understand the importance of camaraderie.” With a positive self - image, Adrian has embraced his senior by involving himself in a wide array of activities and giving his best effort in the classroom. For his part, Adrian participated in cross country in the Fall, is now in soccer in the Winter, and plans to run track in the Spring. Additionally, he has accumulated a 3.6 GPA for Quarter 1. Most importantly, he is doing so with the support and involvement with his younger sisters, Jayden and Ailayni. “This my last year before I go to college,” states Adrian, “I wanted to make my senior year memorable for my sisters and my family.” 


Adrian Reyes Sarmiento of Golden Valley High School has found purpose, discipline, and a renewal of his priorities through kickboxing.

Since Jayden has arrived to Golden Valley High School’s campus, she has thrived both academically and athletically. Enrolled primarily in GATE, College Prep, and Advanced Placement classes, Jayden has accumulated a 3.724 GPA and is known for her work ethic and positive attitude in the classroom. Furthermore, Jayden has participated in a number of academic clubs in her time at Golden Valley of which include the following: AVID, Leaders in Life, Interact Club, and Ameri Corp. Jayden states, “Participating in these clubs have helped me meet a lot of new people and make memories that I will always cherish,”  Athletically, Jayden has also seen success as she is entering her third year on varsity soccer, serving as the team captain and anchoring the Lady Bulldogs defense from her position as a defensive midfielder. To condition for her success on the soccer pitch, Jayden has participated in cross country for two years, earning a spot on the varsity team this year and has ran track for two years in the spring as well. This year has been special for Jayden because of the time spent with Adrian and Ailayni. “We do everything together,” smiles Jayden, “We are continually pushing each other and supporting each other in all that we do.” 

1Jayden Reyes Sarmiento has been on the Lady Bulldogs Varsity Soccer program for three years and this year, was selected to be a captain. (Photo provided by the Kern High Network)

As an incoming freshman this year, Ailayni has embraced high school life with the support of Adrian and Jayden. Ailayni took to running cross country and through the support of her brother and sister, she became one of the most improved runners in the Bulldog program. Ailayni, like her older sister, has been a lifelong soccer fan and plays defense for the Lady Bulldogs Frosh Soph team. She also has plans to run track in the Spring in the 100m or 200m. Academically, Ailayni has gotten off to a good start as she has earned a 3.5 GPA while being enrolled in GATE classes and in the Project Lead the Way Program (PLTW). Ailayni really enjoys the PLTW program as she has aspirations of one day becoming a civil engineer and is considering attending the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), but is open to other universities as well. Beyond her participation in athletics and academic success, Ailayni has enjoyed the start to her high school career because it is time spent with family. “I love the staff and students at Golden Valley,” states Ailayni, “But the time spent my family has been so important to me. I love my brother and sister and that I get to share high school with them.” As mentioned earlier, for their commitment to family and to Golden Valley High School and in the GROWTH and PRIDE they have demonstrated, the Reyes Sarmiento Siblings are #BulldogSTRONG.  1

Ailayni Reyes Sarmiento has shown much improvement in cross country for the Bulldogs in her freshman year.


What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Adrian: "#BulldogSTRONG means getting involved with school and having a school friendly attitude. It means treating others with respect and kindness in all situations. #BulldogSTRONG allows me to give my best effort in and out of class.”

What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Jayden: "To me #BulldogSTRONG is giving 110% in everything I do here at GVHS because I am a representation of my school and my family which I take PRIDE in. It's about not being afraid to take risks and stand up for what I believe in. It's about not only achieving my goals but inspiring others to do the same because I am #BulldogSTRONG.” 

 What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Ailayni: "#BulldogsSTRONG means getting involved at school and making friends along the way. It also means that we should respect others, not just other students, but staff members as well. #BulldogSTRONG means that we should always give 100% in all that we do.” 

What Teachers Think of the Reyes Sarmiento Siblings: 

"Adrian is a very creative young man who is well-liked by his peers. He is a great student with a great attitude.  I enjoy having him in Psychology class." - Terri Richmond, Social Studies Department Chair, Golden Valley High School

 "Adrian is a great student athlete who excel on the field and in the classroom. He is a very determined player who knows what he wants and works hard to achieve his goal!" - Dominic Othart, Head Coach Varsity Boys Soccer, Golden Valley High School

"Jayden is a very dedicated student athlete.  She shows off her #BulldogSTRONG abilities by taking on the challenge of rigorous  classes while also participating in several sports. She is also committed to service and demonstrates this daily in her interactions with classmates and teammates.  Jayden is kind, thoughtful and responsible and it is a pleasure to watch her growth, pride and service at GVHS." - Lana King, English Department Chair, Golden Valley High School

"Jayden works hard in my Statistics class. She is very conscientious about completing her assignments and staying caught up on her grades with all of the sports she is in. She does not hesitate to ask questions, and she shows motivation to be the best student possible." - David Gago, Mathematics Teacher, Golden Valley High School


"Ailayni is a hard working, caring student that takes pride in her education. She is very artistic, intelligent and is a great example of #BulldogSTRONG in the classroom, in athletics, and around campus." - Mike Mowinski, Earth Science Teacher, Golden Valley High School


"Ailayni has strong social skills and she communicates in a positive and respectful manner.  She is kind and always willing to lend a hand. While laid back in her demeanor, Ailayni’s approach to work in the classroom is anything but.  She takes pride in her work and in knowing how to determine answers to questions independently." - Melissa Hanssen-Rivera, English Teacher, Golden Valley High School