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Student: Jocelyn Lazo 

Year in School: Senior

Plans After High School: Jocelyn plans on attending California State University, Northridge in Fall 2020 and Majoring in Psychology with a Minor in Criminology. Jocelyn’s goal is to graduate in four years and become a forensic psychologist.


What Makes Jocelyn #BulldogSTRONG: For senior Jocelyn Lazo, involvement in student leadership has always been a passion of hers. At Horizon Elementary School and Ollivier Middle School, Jocelyn was the Associated Student Body (ASB) Treasurer. Though she didn’t join student leadership as a freshman at Golden Valley High School, the lessons she learned from her time as a treasurer in the Greenfield Union School District helped inspire her to be more active her sophomore year. “I missed being involved in student leadership,” comments Jocelyn, “I joined student leadership my sophomore year so that I could get involved in positively impacting my campus and my community.” In three years at Golden Valley, Jocelyn has served in various leadership positions and with each year, her position has grown in status and responsibility: Sophomore - Member at large, Junior - Cheer Representative, Senior - Class of 2020 Vice President. “My favorite position was being Class of 2020 Vice President,” smiles Jocelyn, “I was allowed the opportunity to serve alongside other class officers to plan some cool events such as Senior Sunrise and for the first time at Golden Valley, a senior tailgate.”

1Jocelyn Lazo (Center) was elected to Class of 2020 Vice President this year at Golden Valley High School.


As a student leader at Golden Valley, Jocelyn accessed the outgoing side of her personality and the importance of stepping out of her comfort zone in order to make sure all students on campus felt welcome, safe and free to participate in any activity or sport on campus, making the most of their four years at Golden Valley. Leadership also allowed for Jocelyn to deliver a presentation at Principal Partner’s Day on what it means to be #BulldogSTRONG and make decisions in her position as a student leader in School Site Council. “Being a student leader at Golden Valley has taught me the importance of SERVICE,” states Jocelyn, “I have learned the value of providing help and resources to others that may need them.”


1 Jocelyn Lazo presented on being #BulldogSTRONG at Principal Partner's Day.


In addition to the leadership positions that she has served in as a Bulldog, Jocelyn has taken PRIDE in being a cheerleader at Golden Valley as she is just one of three students on campus that has been in cheer all four years. Jocelyn’s passion for cheer, like student leadership, started in elementary and middle school, but it has been at Golden Valley in which her desire to perform in front of others has grown. “My favorite part of cheering for Golden Valley was being on the sidelines during Friday night games and cheering with my squad during rallies,” smiles Jocelyn. Like her position in leadership, Jocelyn approaches cheer with a SERVICE mindset as she strove to make activities and sporting events more memorable for students, parents, and community members. With her success in leadership and as a cheerleader at Golden Valley High School, Jocelyn is quick to express gratitude to those staff members that have provided guidance along the way. “Golden Valley is a special place to me because of our staff,” humbly states Jocelyn, “Our staff is always open and welcoming to every student on campus and they do everything they can each day to teach and help us in our high school journey.” For the desire to SERVE others as a student leader on campus and for the PRIDE she has in being a cheerleader at Golden Valley, Jocelyn Lazo is #BulldogSTRONG.

1Jocelyn Lazo (Right) was 1 of 3 Seniors in the Class of 2020 that cheered for all fours years while attending Golden Valley High School.


What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Jocelyn: "#BulldogSTRONG means to always promote a positive self image, honor my commitments, and treat everyone I meet with kindness. Additionally, being a lifelong learner and a great citizen are crucial to being #BulldogSTRONG.”


What Teachers and Staff Think of Jocelyn: 

"Jocelyn is a bright spot in the leadership and cheer programs at Golden Valley. She is hardworking, helpful, and dedicated to her fellow Bulldogs. She will be greatly missed next year as she has been a big part of both programs throughout her time with us.” Valerie Black, Activities Director and Cheer Advisor, Golden Valley High School


“Jocelyn Lazo has such a charismatic school spirit and she has a great ability at getting others to show their Pride for GV as well. She is a talented young woman who has shown Growth over her four years on campus. Her involvement with ASB and Student Council shows her dedication to Servicing her school community, and she has become a great leader on campus. She is a great example of a student who walks #BulldogSTRONG everyday with her positive attitude towards others, her dedication to her education, and her admirable resiliency.” Madison Bealessio, English Teacher and Yearbook Advisor, Golden Valley High School


"Jocelyn is a friendly soul. She cares about her fellow students and lives up to the ideas that embody the #BulldogSTRONG spirit. She always pushes to make herself the best that she can be and carries herself in a friendly yet professional manner. I believe Jocelyn will go far in anything that she chooses to be a part of. Way to go Jocelyn for being #BulldogSTRONG!"  Daniel Taylor, History Teacher, Golden Valley High School


“Jocelyn is a great student who is a hard worker, she is bright, and she is one of more active student leaders on campus as well. She is active and engaged in class and always contributes to class discussions. Teaching her this year has been a joy and she truly is one of our #BulldogSTRONG student leaders.” John Hansen, Government/Economics Teacher and We The People Coach, Golden Valley High School


“It has been a pleasure to see Jocelyn become a confident and competent student leader on campus as a Bulldog. Jocelyn takes PRIDE in being a Bulldog as evident in her #BulldogSTRONG presentation at Principal Partner’s Day and in her SERVICE on School Site Council. Jocelyn has a bright future as she prepares for the next phase of her life of which includes college and career readiness. Her leadership qualities and presence inspired students and staff to be better. Jocelyn Lazo will be missed at Golden Valley High School.” Kyle Wylie, Assistant Principal of Administration and #BulldogSTRONG Site Coordinator, Golden Valley High School