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Student: Alvaro Cardona
Year in School: Senior
Plans After High School: Alvaro plans to attend the AMDA College of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, where he will pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts. At AMDA, Alvaro will continue to hone his skills as he works toward his goal of becoming a professional actor.
What Makes Alvaro #BulldogSTRONG: Guanajuato, Mexico was home for Alvaro until the age of ten. Alvaro's mother, younger brother, and himself remained in Guanajuato while his father migrated to Bakersfield, five years earlier. His father moved to earn money for his older brother's college education, demonstrating the family's commitment to education and their aspirations for a better future. Moving to Bakersfield was a significant adjustment for Alvaro; he had to adapt to a new culture, environment, and language. Alvaro's mother serves as a great source of motivation. He draws inspiration from his mother's hard work and dedication; he has witnessed his mother working tirelessly to take care of her family. Seeing her dedication and effort has instilled a strong work ethic and drive to achieve all his goals. With his mother's encouragement and belief in him, Alvaro feels empowered to achieve his career goal of becoming a professional actor. Alvaro appreciates her sacrifices and the example she sets for him. Alvaro comments, "My mom always motivates me because I see how hard she works for my family." Alvaro cherishes the memories and experiences he has gained from Golden Valley High School. These experiences and the personal growth he achieved during his time at GVHS have had a positive impact on Alvaro. Being involved in theatre through the Bulldog Theatre Company and holding the position of the secretary shows his dedication and passion for the performing arts. Similarly, serving as the vice president of the Culture Shock Club demonstrates his involvement in diverse extracurricular activities and his commitment to promoting cultural awareness and understanding. Alvaro is grateful for the GVHS teachers and mentors who have not only contributed to his education but also provided support, guidance, and a nurturing environment that allowed him to grow and thrive. Mrs. Beavers has been instrumental in Alvaro's development. He is grateful for her guidance and support in his theatrical journey. Alvaro comments, "Mrs. Beavers, Mrs. McClure, Mrs. Bledsoe, and Ms. Cisneros taught me a lot; these teachers had a great impact on my life, and I will never forget them. I am very grateful to them." Alvaro had the opportunity to take on several notable roles at GVHS. He portrayed Javier and Juan in "Flor," showcasing his acting skills. In "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee," he played the role of Vice Principal, Panch. Alvaro's portrayal of Calpurnia in "Julius Caesar" at the Kern County Peg Pauly Shakespeare Festival earned recognition from Bakersfield College theater professors. Similarly, his standout performance as Max in "The Play That Goes Wrong" garnered him the Kern High School District PEAAK Award for Outstanding Performance in a Non-Musical. This accolade highlights his exceptional talent and dedication.
AMDACollege Signing Day, Alvaro will be attending AMDA College of the Performing Arts.
PEAAKAlvaro won the PEAAK award for Outstanding Performance in a Live Theatrical Production: Non Musical.
Alvaro was part of a student focus group that presented to students, faculty, and administrators on the importance of recycling. #BulldogEcoFriendly
What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Alvaro: Being #BulldogSTRONG means doing good, helping others, and taking action to do something positive for the school, the community, and someone else.
What Teachers and Staff Think of Alvaro:
"I'm incredibly proud of Alvaro and all of his accomplishments. I've had the honor of working with and teaching Alvaro throughout his time at GV. As a freshman, he was a stand-out student and actor in our Intro to Theatre course. His enthusiasm and work ethic have continued to flourish with each passing year. Alvaro has shown GROWTH in various areas of his studies, particularly in language. As a freshman, Alvaro was an ELD 1 student and quickly progressed through all four levels. By the end of his junior year, he tested out of the ELD  program. Alvaro has been able to showcase his domain of the English language by participating in multiple theatrical performances including  IN THE HEIGHTS, FLOR, THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG, and most recently, Putnam County’s 25th Annual Spelling Bee. Alvaro’s performances have earned him a variety of awards and recognitions on campus and district-wide. In addition to his involvement in theatre, Alvaro is also active in multiple clubs on campus, inducing the Culture Shock Club, of which he is a founding member and where he’s maintains an officer position. Congratulations, Alvaro, this is only the start. ❤️" Monica Beavers, English and Theatre Teacher, Golden Valley High School
"It is a pleasure to know Alvaro!  As an EL student, Alvaro worked hard to master the language and reclassify from the EL program. He is a dedicated student who is committed to achieving his goals. Most importantly, he is a benevolent person who treats all others with respect and kindness. For these reasons, Alvaro is #BulldogSTRONG!" Jane Hurttgam, Title 1 Coordinator, Golden Valley High School
"Alvaro was one of the few students who would speak to me online during remote learning. When I read aloud to the students from the book Mindset, he would tell me daily how the words in the book were influencing him to pursue his studies during the pandemic. In addition, I have seen him in several plays, and I am amazed at his acting skills. His work ethic is phenomenal, and I know he will go far in life." Rebecca Bledsoe-Santaella, English Teacher, Golden Valley High School1