Student: Marisela De La Rosa
Year in School: Senior
Plans After High School:  Marisela plans to pursue a career in economics with a focus on becoming an investment or data analyst while simultaneously continuing her passion for dance. Currently, she is considering attending UCSB, UCLA, or Cal Poly SLO.
What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Marisela: "To me, being #BulldogSTRONG means showing pride in yourself, your school, and what you represent. This can be practiced in several ways, be it going out into your community and helping through volunteer work, taking an active part in school events and extracurricular activities, or even being a motivated student who finds joy in helping others. Striving to leave a lasting impact on your campus and environment, in general, is a big part of it for me."
What Makes GVHS a Special Place for Marisela: "There have been various teachers who have influenced me greatly and whom I hold in high regard. Mr. Flores, Mrs. Bastain, and Mr. Hopkins by far were the most influential teachers for me. They taught me so much about how to properly communicate my ideas and taught material in such a unique and captivating way, that I will take the lessons I learned from them with me into my adult life. Not only are they well versed in their subject, but they are also so wise and knowledgeable in the world around them, which is something I admire greatly and hope to replicate in my life."
"I have been in a number of activities throughout my past four years. One of the most memorable for me was creating the GVHS Women Student Union during my junior year, as it felt rewarding to see my efforts pay off with the club's success during its year-long duration. The most influential activity for me was being a member of the Golden Valley Ballet Folklorico group for three years now. It has allowed me to embrace my culture in a way I hadn’t been able to before, and through choreographing and teaching dances to the members I gained valuable leadership, patience, and communication skills, all while doing what I loved."
What Teachers and Staff Think of Marisela:
"I really enjoy having Marisela in the French club. She is a kind, helpful, and energetic officer who actively shares ideas and contributes to the preparation of activities for the members with enthusiasm. I greatly appreciate her willingness to help the French club prosper, as well as her openness to different cultures." May Feghali, French Teacher, Golden Valley High School
"Marisela was in my 10th grade GATE English class, and I remember clearly her thoughtfulness and determination as a student. Marisela demonstrated her commitment to always give 100% and to work through failure throughout the school year. She is the type of student to takes time to make sure she understands the work and then gives it her all. She was a pleasure to have in class and continues to be a joy to have on campus! Marisela is an amazing example of what it means to be #BulldogSTRONG!" Lana King, English Department Chair, Golden Valley High School
"Marisela is a wonderful well-rounded young woman. She is an active member of the Golden Valley community, where she thrives academically and socially. As a student in my AP Language and Composition class last year, Marisela set the bar high for herself and her peers. She could always be counted on to offer a keen insight into a text or subject during class discussions, and she showed growth and talent as a writer throughout the year. Marisela exemplifies the idea of always giving 100% as well as what it means to make positive contributions to the school community." Karen Bastain, AP Language and Composition Teacher, Golden Valley High School
"Marisela De La Rosa, an exceptional young lady, possesses rare gifts for Math, Engineering, English, and Dance – A true Renaissance Woman. Across my math, engineering, and manufacturing classes, Marisela's commitment to excellence, her resilience in the face of challenges, and her support for her friends continually impress and inspire." Judiah Hopkins, Project Lead the Way/Engineering Teacher and eSports Coach, Golden Valley High School
"Marisela has been part of our Ballet Folklorico Valle Dorado for the past three years. Being the only Sophomore member in a group of all Seniors did not intimidate her back in 2021. Since day one, humble Marisela demonstrated her passion for Folklorico. I have seen the shy Marisela become a strong and outgoing Senior who has earned her officer position in our club. She shows professionalism in how she carries herself, she never misses a practice, she is always on time, and if a member needs help with a new step, she always gives the best peer support. Marisela is always looking for ways to improve our group or find new members to join. Marisela takes pride in her culture while promoting cultural awareness on campus. I love having her in our group, and I will deeply miss her when she graduates." Gaby Ruvalcaba, Computer Instruction Technician and Folklorico Advisor, Golden Valley High School