Student: Korina MayorgaKorina
Year in School: Senior
Plans After High School: Korina intends to enroll in the University of California, San Diego, where she will study molecular and cell biology. Her passion for the medical field is evident in her desire to develop intricate and valuable skills that will enable her to make a positive impact on those in need.
What #BulldogSTRONG Means to Korina: "To me #BulldogSTRONG means not only being a person who is respectful and influential to those around them, but also being somebody who is determined and strives towards their own personal goals."
What Makes GVHS a Special Place for Korina: "Participating in extracurriculars at Golden Valley has made my high school experience more enjoyable. Being co-president of the Interact club has led me to understand the meaning of service above self and the significance of collaboration amongst the community. Moments in Interact like when we made tamales for families in need during the holidays, was a very good bonding experience for the members and definitely one of the most memorable. As captain of the girls' varsity golf team, it was a great experience to learn an unfamiliar sport but to also meet wonderful new people. Being a part of We the People has also permitted me to take in such a great collaborative environment."
"Throughout my four years at Golden Valley, there have been numerous staff members and teachers who have truly impacted me. One of them is Mrs.Yama, who has genuinely taught me what it means to try. She has pushed me to go after opportunities that I not only would have never imagined receiving but also being successful in. She has also allowed me to make an impact in my community through the Interact Club and has been nothing but supportive towards me. Mrs.Bastian and Mrs.Costa both greatly impacted me academically. They taught me the importance of time management and valuable writing skills that I know I will apply to my future endeavors. Mr.Hansen is another amazing teacher who has expanded my knowledge historically and led me to become more optimistic when facing challenges. My golf coach, Mr. Alvarez, introduced me to golf and allowed me to learn the significance of self-growth. He has expressed so much kindness towards me and demonstrated what a leader truly is."
What Teachers and Staff Think of Korina:
"Korina has been an excellent leader on our campus as she serves as president for the Interact Club. She works hard to ensure the club continues to thrive along with making her club members feel valued and works with the executive team to encourage service projects. She has also been an outstanding student that works very hard to achieve outstanding grades. My favorite part about Korina is her curiosity, kindness, and determination, which makes her standout as #BulldogSTRONG." Jennifer Yamauchi, Science Department Chair and Assistant Dean, Golden Valley High School
"Korina is #BulldogSTRONG by her consistent efforts to push herself internally to succeed and help any other student who needs help." Dr. Katrina Barnum, AP Biology and Introduction to Physical Science Teacher, Golden Valley High School
"It was a great pleasure to have Korina in AP European History. She came prepared to class, worked collaboratively with her classmates, and was an excellent student! I always enjoy it when I see Korina and her dazzling smile around campus. Wishing her well on her future pursuits-I know that she will excel in whatever she chooses to do." Tracy Costa, Social Studies Teacher, Golden Valley High School
"Korina constantly strives to become a better golfer. She works hard, listens and takes direction well, and dedicates herself to the sport. She inspires other players around her and displays leadership qualities every day." John Alvarez, Education Specialist and Girls Golf Head Coach, Golden Valley High School
"Korina Mayorga is an outstanding example of a student who is #BulldogSTRONG in class, on campus, and in our community. In class, she demonstrates GROWTH by always giving 100%, honoring her commitments, and being a lifelong learner. On campus, Korina shows PRIDE by being on time and ready to learn, by making good choices, and respecting others. Korina also shows SERVICE in our community by supporting her peers, treating others with kindness, and being a good citizen. Moreover, in We the People class Korina has been a shining star in terms of being a leader with her group and being a devoted learner who always does her best to not just learn but master difficult concepts. Truly, she has made my class a better place with her hard work, kindness, humor, and positive personality. I know Korina has a bright future ahead of her and will continue to be #BulldogSTRONG in the college and career world as well." John Hansen, Government/Economics Teacher and We The People Coach, Golden Valley High School