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Dress Code » Dress Code at GVHS

Dress Code at GVHS

Golden Valley High School's dress code policy follows the guidance of the Kern High School District which indicates the following: 
KHSD believes that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a productive learning environment. Students have the right to make individual choices from a wide range of clothing and grooming styles, but they must not present a health or safety hazard, or a distraction which interferes with the educational process. Clothing and personal adornment styles change frequently and any “dress code” which explicitly defines acceptable school wear quickly becomes outdated. Therefore, KHSD school administrators have utilized the following general guidelines to make case by case judgments regarding appropriateness of school attire. You may request a copy of your site’s dress code by contacting the school.
Prohibited items include disruptive clothing, inappropriate slogans or illustrations, revealing attire, dangerous or unsafe apparel, and gang related articles. **Any clothing related to the promotion of drugs/alcohol, drug/alcohol use, drug/alcohol paraphernalia, or featuring any brand associated with drugs/alcohol are deemed inappropriate and are prohibited.  
Any attire or adornment which creates a safety hazard for the wearer or others is prohibited. Included within these criteria is the expectation that all students will wear shoes.
Specific learning activities in shops, labs, on-the-job training in business/industry, or co-curricular activities may have additional clothing and appearance regulations.