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PARC (Peer Advocacy and Restorative Center)


Student Advocacy Centers have been implemented throughout the Kern High School district over the past few years. Student Advocacy centers have been used as a Tier 1 intervention and have proven to show reduced referral, suspension, and recidivism rates, increased instructional time, and repairs hard and restores relationships. These centers are student run centers that focus on restorative justice, building community within campuses, and student and staff support. Using restorative practices implemented by students for students, advocates and mentors help students take responsibility, be held accountable, and make amends for violating school policy and procedure. Using dispositions, relationship building, peer support, and frequent check-ins, student advocates help hold students accountable.

The name PARC, Peer Advocacy and Restorative Center, was created by student advocates through student group effort.




The PARC logo was created by August Sanchez, a student advocate at the PARC. The hands represent giving support and help to students, as well as providing a place to build relationships. The paw between the hands show our school pride and give students a place to feel included. The vines on the circle represent growth and the opportunities to grow together in community. 

PARC Norms

We agree to listen and communicate.

We agree to stay professional and respectful.

We agree to grow together.

We do not judge others.

We will uphold the Golden Shield (confidentiality).


PARC Theory of Action

IF we implement a student advocacy center that focuses on individual growth and strengths, building essential life and social skills, and the importance of healthy and positive relationships 
THEN we will contribute to a culture of empathy, accountability, respect, community and belonging, 
WHERE all students AND staff feel safe, valued, respected, understood, empowered, & #BulldogSTRONG.



Meet your 2022-2023 PARC Advocates

Moises Ramos (Senior)

Crystal Andrade Fuller (Junior)

Jenerleyvi Alexia Delin (Junior)

Nathan Abbott (Junior)

Shemarayah Friend (Senior) 

Mia Gonzalez (Senior)

Jasmin Guzman Perez (Senior)

Valerie Ibarra (Junior)

Xianna Perez (Junior)

Alyssa Ramirez (Junior) 

August Sanchez (Senior)

Dominick Thompson (Junior)

Mirando Bravo (Junior)

Joaquin Garcia (Junior)

Alexandro Hernandez (Junior)

Jesse Campos (Senior)

Persaeus Davis (Junior)

Jazlyn Fernandez (Senior)

Camila Jaimes Mendoza (Senior)

Andrew Martinez (Junior)

Sara Parker (Senior)

Kevin Soto (Junior)

Miguel Ceja (Junior)

America Gonzalez Padilla (Junior)

Azairah Henry (Junior)

Jasmine Lant (Junior)

Litzy Navarro (Junior)

Kimberly Rivera Villanueva (Junior)